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When Cook County's soda tax went into effect on Aug. 2, following a lawsuit

STEINBERG: After Cook County scraps its soda tax, try a tax on deceit

Sugary Soda Tax Not Enough to Halt the March of Obesity in Asia


Supermarket chilled beverage selection

The new sugar tax could increase the amount of sugar consumption in the UK, economic

After Cook County scraps soda tax, try a tax on deceit

GovernmentHere ...

Cook County government officials are proposing ANOTHER Tax on beverages.

Beverages such as Costa¿s chai latte and Galaxy thick shake will escape George Osborne

Mr Osborne's difficulties stem from sharply revised growth forecasts from the Office for Budget Responsibility which

Every goddamn day: 06/19/18: After Cook County scraps soda tax, try a tax on deceit

in which Coca-Cola revamped Sprite as a completely no-sugar and no-calorie soft drink ...

Taxes on sugary beverages are not enough on their own to halt march of obesity in Asia

Pepsi trolling the soda tax in Manayunk ...


New tax: Soft drinks with more than 5g of sugar will be taxed at 6p

Kid drinking soda

With pop tax repealed, Preckwinkle says up to commissioners to fix budget - Chicago Tribune

Macron to scrap 'exit tax' on France's high-

South Africa's National Treasury published its proposals for a tax on sugar-sweetened beverages in July this year, with the tax due to come into effect on ...

Officials in Berkeley, California, handed these fliers out to residents while campaigning for a

Morning Spin: Stories to watch in Chicago and Illinois politics in 2018 - Chicago Tribune

Debate over a potential sugar tax has been raging in New Zealand in the last year, with doctors calling for a 20% tax on sugary drinks.

click to enlarge Democrats either have to figure a way to defuse Rauner's anti-tax rhetoric or Illinois


Chicago police fail to register sex offenders 601 times in just three months | WBEZ

After a bit more lazing around my hotel – what a lazy git I am – Mike picks me up and we zoom off to our first destination, Cruz Blanca Cervecería.

Electric car buyers get new HK$250,000 tax break but will it boost Hong Kong's flailing market?

Stuart Heaver

A Harbinger of my Death in the Form of a Young Woman

Ex-Chicago schools chief pleads guilty in federal corruption scandal | WBEZ

Pepsi currently has 10.3 grams of sugar per 100ml, which means it would attract a


Even shares in Tate and Lyle tumbled, despite having sold their sugar business in 2009

Last month the UK's sugar tax on soft drinks was passed by parliament, and many

Yep, Big Soda is comically evil & definitely targets the poor. Look at this leaked executive-meeting CocaCola slide ...

Inspector General: End Public School Perk For Chicago's Wealthiest | WBEZ

Puerto Ricans Find New Home In Humboldt Park After Hurricane Maria | WBEZ

sugar tax, sugarcubes, Droits d'auteur elenachaykina

Poll: Voters sour on Preckwinkle over sweetened beverage tax

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Barring any additional postponements from Congress or the Trump Administration, the FDA Compliance Date for the Menu Labeling Requirements take effect on ...

Oak Street Beach, 1986, Chicago. I thought we all deserved a reminder of

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Chicago Lawyer Given 18 Months In Prison For Defrauding NFL Players | WBEZ

GTC: The proposed sugar tax is supposed to come into effect on 1 April 2017, but the process is still underway. The tax may be deferred and is unlikely to ...


Dr. Claudine Kavanaugh

... PM dashes renewed calls for sugar tax

Shares Coca Cola UK, whose drinks would be subject to a levy, also slumped

West Side Teens March For Students Killed In Florida — And Chicago | WBEZ

Summer Days in Chicago in the 1950's

There are real consequences to ignoring children's pain in hospital. These include increased sensitivity to pain, abnormal social behaviours when older and ...

Soda Taxes Are Finally Succeeding. Here's How to Keep the Winning Streak Going

Inside A Shinsegae Co. E-Mart Store Ahead Of Consumer Confidence Data

Tax base eroded by backdoor deregulation of Australia's labour market and jump in foreign contract workers

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... tax; Ireland & the UK will both introduce a sugar levy on drinks next year. Pic

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. In recognition, State Representative Patti Bellock introduced and passed legislation this year, ...

How paying your income tax in France is going to change dramatically

(Photos) Men at work in the skies on the wires

Renovated Parkway Gardens Still Surrounded By Crime, Disinvestment And Poverty | WBEZ

Superdrug has devised this Inforgraphic detailing where is most affected by the tampon tax with Hungary

France still vice-champion of the world when it comes to high taxes

Photo of Bareburger - Chicago, IL, United States

In a near-unanimous vote, the Cook County Finance Committee has approved a plan to repeal the controversial sweetened beverage tax, effective Dec.

Free to eat fat: Denmark is scrapping its fat tax on fatty food after it


George Osborne (pictured visiting a school in Yorkshire this morning) said that Britain was

That right there is a copy of the contract Gentleman Dave Malarcher signed with the Chicago American Giants for the 1926 Negro National League season.

... Brut Blanc de Bleu Cuvée Mousseux Brut, a sparkling wine with an added hint of blueberries, is a delicate wine reserved for memorable celebrations.

Photo of Bareburger - Chicago, IL, United States. Receipt, comped for national

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To help residents properly dispose of certain items, the Department ...

Sea pen where they take the vaquitas for captive breeding CBS NEWS


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George Osborne's sugar tax could raise price of diet drinks and even bottled water | Daily Mail Online

... but if it's good enough for Sibley's, it's good enough for me— encountered Friday on the south bank of the Chicago River, just west ...

Dutch doughnuts with raisins abd currants

The debate in India doesn't concern a soda tax as such, but the place of “aerated beverages ” in the country's anticipated GST regime at point of sale.

If according to brain scans, sugar is as addictive as COCAINE (!) and the average American eats an industrial-sized dumpster of sugar in their lifetime.that ...


When ...

A million more options for just about everything was definitely exciting and a fun change of pace.

Reza Ghaemi, manager of Berkeley's downtown Jazz Cafe, says the tax has added 25

Photo of Bareburger - Chicago, IL, United States.