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I always pass up vintage hankies because I don39t have anything to

I always pass up vintage hankies because I don39t have anything to


I always pass up vintage hankies because I don't have anything to do with

Souvenir spoon holder for vintage hankie collection. (because who doesn't have a vintage hankie collection?

handkerchief banner or embroidered linen banner . if you ever see an old pillowcase or doiles with holes in them, don't pass them by. they are perfect for ...

Display antique handkerchiefs.

Vintage Hankie Quilt for Baby

Vintage hanky runner, my nana always had one in her purse, I miss her so much

What Can You Do With Vintage HANKIES Handkerchiefs. There are lots of cute ideas on

Floral Hanky Rug

Set of 16 Vintage Reproduction Cloth Handkerchiefs Hankies Gift Set

I am really enjoying seeing all the hankies displayed on the window.

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How to make a Handkerchief Rag Quilt

Like this


Rag quilt made from vintage hankies

I wish I had seen this earlier this year! You can buy vintage handkerchiefs in bulk (100 handkerchiefs for around 60 bucks!) You can use them as napkins, ...

Like this

Vintage Floral Cotton Hankerchiefs I have some of these! Good idea!

Vintage handkerchief art. Looking for inspiration for something to do with the pretty vintage hankies I have.

Berries Jubilee Kitchen Dish Towels By Moda, Set of 4

how to make a simple pincushion from a vintage hankerchief. I love vintage embroidery,

Vintage Hankie Tissue Holder


If you've ever wondered what to do with all those vintage hankies you got


Thrift hankies

... vintage handkerchiefs, as I had in the past. Other hankies


Machine Embroidery on a Vintage Handkerchief

Craft Ideas Using Vintage Hankies

Brooklyn Bamboo | Men's Handkerchief | 6 pc Hankie Set | Soft, Durable, Absorbent

Orange checked hankie

Vintage Fabric Finds

Brooklyn Bamboo | Men's Handkerchief | 6 pc Hankie Set | Soft, Durable, Absorbent, Woven Organic Bamboo | 17 x 17 Inches | (Light Stripe) White at Amazon ...

Do yourself a favor: Everyone — I'm not just talking about the ladies, here — should be carrying a handkerchief. Because handkerchiefs are the shit.

We think about grief a lot around here – we write about types of grief, grief theory, personal reflections, creative expression for coping with grief, ...

Vintage handkerchief window curtains

In all this kitty-cat birthday talk, have I mentioned I'm a dog person - Ha! It's true! But who can resist some sweet vintage kittens??? I am having such ...

Click here to watch my Handkerchief Vs Pocket Square video on Youtube.

Vintage Hankie Quilt Tutorial, so clever!


Set of 16 Vintage Reproduction "Tiny Tots" Cloth Children's Handkerchiefs Hankies Gift Set

Ladies Soft Embroidered Rose Handkerchiefs-60s" Cotton Square 43cm

washing, storing and caring for antique linens and caring for your vintage textiles

There are several styles that I don't have any experience with, so this will be a good challenge for me.

Vintage handkerchief scarf

Cleaning Vintage Fabrics Tips & Tricks | The Sewing Loft

Handkerchief ny TSHU

I am so humbled that 3 of my quilts were juried into competition and amazed that my Vintage Handkerchiefs took a ...

Machine Embroidery on a Vintage Handkerchief

If I had to guess I would say these hexagons might have 6-7″ sides? And just look at those fabulous pillows! Vintage linen pillows!

The blocks were very simple to make. I wouldn't call it a beginning quilt, but it's a good project for an intermediate quilter.


Machine Embroidery on a Vintage Handkerchief

If you have found a vintage handkerchief with some great embroidery, but damage on one section, you can choose to frame only the intact section, ...

So, friends, I have several of these vintage sheet fat quarter bundles all packaged up. I have also written up the pattern for this quilt with super-easy ...

Pillow covers made from vintage handkerchiefs

Ask a Guy: Is Sex on a First Date a Relationship Killer? post image


Machine Embroidery on a Vintage Handkerchief

Machine Embroidery on a Vintage Handkerchief

The Canning Season block was just too cute to pass up.

Machine Embroidery on a Vintage Handkerchief

I'm a sucker for vintage handkerchiefs, and this Irish linen pocket beauty is too lovely to pass up.

washing, storing and caring for antique linens and caring for your vintage textiles

TSHU Handkerchief

New research says it's hugs not hanky-panky that keeps couples together | Daily Mail Online

7 Natural Remedies for Congestion Relief

I had to change those words up—the de-elevator was Satan in that song.… And 'Let's Go Crazy' was God to me...stay happy, stay focused, ...

64 MORE Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Grief

Poppies are a popular theme too. Great quality, nice colors.

I've enjoyed her previous graphic novels, Exquisite Corpse (for grown-ups) and California Dreamin', the story of musician Mama Cass. Don't pass up putting ...

A good strong sneeze can send 100,000 virus-containing droplets around 3.5 metres into the

Oooooh, there was the spread I hoped to find! But it was dirty.

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64 Myths About Grief That Just Need To STOP

Before you tell us your story, here are a few rules you should follow: 1. Make sure the story is scary. (Who would want to read a story that isn't scary?)


Don't Wear a Fitbit Just Because Your Partner Says So

We couldn't pass this one up! It's Santa in a submarine!

How to Clean Antique Lace (and Other Delicate Fibers) - ReallyHandmade.com

Via: Wiktoria Pawlak | Shutterstock

What To Do When Your Friend Loses a Baby | pinchofyum.com


Handkerchief-vs-pocket-square-tall What do the following have in ...

This poppy is very well done. The floral spray is very large, worthy of the best collection!

Don't Give Up | WIRED

It's 9am and I'm having breakfast at the House of Commons. I'm wearing a three-piece pinstriped suit, matching tie and pocket square, and the confidence of ...

I'm hoping to stick to a posting schedule in 2018. I want to post at least twice: a weekly wrap-up on my #365DaysofSewing project (which I will also ...

Via: Wiktoria Pawlak | Shutterstock

Gene Wilder with his third wife Gilder Radner

Interesting, looks like someone did one petit point flower, and then switched. It's a really fine quality linen cloth.

Via: Wiktoria Pawlak | Shutterstock

You know, Lois, you don't have to go out with the guy just because he's beating up on Clark. You could always call the police. Then again, that's not the ...