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Post your 5 word reflection on learning in a paperless classroom

Post your 5 word reflection on learning in a paperless classroom


My Paperless Classroom Journey: Digital Resources

Seesaw Activities - Word Order - ABC Order - Alphabetical Order - Language Center - Digital

Paperless Pedagogy

Seesaw Activities - *FREEBIE* - Templates - Math - Language - Number Story -

Markup: Paperless Grading for Teachers by San Kim, via Kickstarter. Our mission is

Seesaw Activities - Word Builder with Points!- Language Center - Morning Work | Seesaw, Activities and Morning work

Google digital activities that can be completed in the elementary classroom.

How To Create A Paperless Classroom With Your iPad

The success of paperless classroom depends on how effectively and efficiently the resources are used for

5 web apps for the paperless classroom

... 12.

The paperless classroom debate

Googlizing Your Classroom - created with Haiku Deck by Elizabeth Buckhold

Electronic forms — When using computers, develop forms that students can fill in with information as they read or study an online resource.

Students Speak: Is 'Going Paperless' Good for the Classroom?

The Paperless Classroom Eric Wilson Physics Teacher Red Lion Area High School; 2.

She and her students have turned their classroom into a, virtual, paperless learning space.

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The Paperless Classroom with Google Docs 2012-06-18

mobile applications 30 essential iPad Apps for the paperless classroom (infographic)

Using Word Clouds in the Classroom

You can go paperless, or at least reduce the use of paper in your classroom many different ways. It is easier if you are a school that has Bring Your Own ...

Students Speak: Is 'Going Paperless' Good for the Classroom? | EdSurge News

Here are a few more of Forster’s favorite sites to try in your classroom.

Classroom management is critical for creating and maintaining a positive learning environment. Students of all

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6 Steps to Designing PBL: Immigration and The DNA Project

The first day of Math Support I gave my students a Math Reflection Questionnaire to fill out. This was to help me understand their feelings about math and ...

Digital Learning Day Reflections

... 14.

Here are a few more of Forster’s favorite sites to try in your classroom.

At the end of each quarter, students prepare a self-assessment reflecting on their performance for the quarter. I have students complete the rubric and ...

We had both local and regional educators come and visit our school for the day.

Class sets — Store class sets of paper resources, such as maps and graphic organizers, that can be used for multiple years. Place each copy in a sheet ...

Infographics. In my own classroom ...

Showbie - The paperless classroom made simple

I believe in the power of words. I believe that books open doors and when students leave our classrooms loving to read, the possibilities are endless.

self reflection

Cycle D - Final Reflection Post Length: <~ 1000 Words Due: Monday, ...

5th Grade Paperless Math Classroom

Going Paperless in the Classroom

Apple TV and ipad

Help your middle and high school students create and set personal goals for the new year

They automatically tap into background knowledge and begin constructing a visual on which to add new learning. Have you ever started a lesson with a puzzle?

Going Paperless in the Classroom – 11 Tips for Managing Electronic Submissions | Unwritten Histories

edchatNZ Missions

This is a Farewell

Monday, March 25, 2013; 86. Opportunities for Reflections about ...

Tips for Teaching Spelling and Word Work Activities

I prefer to look at my classroom as a blank slate. Besides having my bulletin board banners laminated and hung, our classroom library organized, ...

Figure 3. An edited page of organic chemistry notes. A pdf file of a

Then, after discussions with each other or learning activities, they reflect on the effectiveness of ...

CDTL Brief | Reflecting on and discussing the philosophy and practice of teaching | Page 3

Here is a picture of doing this on the board with fly-swatters, but I really like to also have ALL kids participating at their desks too (minus the swatters ...

In this post I am going to talk about some activities that I have been using in class to build the confidence in the ESL Literacy learners.

The paperless promise:

Children create digital portfolios in the classroom.

30 Essential iPad Apps for a Paperless Classroom

Often, when we think about school culture, it can feel like something we have no control over. This is a myth! The truth is: a school's culture is created ...


Understanding the characteristics of 2D shapes


As teachers, we are always looking for tips to improve our practice in our classrooms

While this lesson might not be considered "fun" from a teenage perspective, it definitely had them laughing and trash-talking a bit.

Creating Classroom Environments: Places for Writers to Grow | TWO WRITING TEACHERS

As I release the control of the notebooks, I notice that students slowly start to take risks. We share our own personal ways of expressing ourselves on the ...

Further Reading

Math class at SLA. Look at what the students are doing. Look at the board.

Moving Toward a Paperless Classroom

They also offer an easy Storify to Wakelet import tool at www.wakelet.com/Storify - so check that out if you're looking to save your Storify content before ...


paperless classroom

Paperless classroom - The future is here

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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Words and pictures are arranged on the page based on how they relate to each other. Note-takers use arrows, images, and colors to reinforce ideas and show ...

Swanson begins by defining what is meant by “user-generated learning” which she defines as “learning acquired through active curation, reflection, ...

Showbie - The heart of your paperless classroom

CDTL Brief | Reflecting on and discussing the philosophy and practice of teaching | Page 3


Web 2.0 tools; 28. Learning ...

What's one small measurable step you can take to be a true change agent in your school with 21st Century Learning?

HAPPY EARTH DAY: Paperless classrooms and honoring our resources

Making these changes can feel uncomfortable because it means going against what likely has been the traditional classroom structure.

Consequences of Going 100% Paperless

Fund Change in Your Classroom with #Pledge2Win

So many teachers love using interactive notebooks to organize their classrooms and curriculum. But I

Fig 2

Teaching Writing Using Mentor Texts

Google Classroom Review: Pros And Cons Of Using Google Classroom In eLearning