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Your next insurance agent will be a robot A robot Robots and News

Your next insurance agent will be a robot A robot Robots and News


Robot looking up.

Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Co will be deploying 100 Pepper robots across 80 branches in Japan

Will robots take over our jobs?


Robot YuMi, who will direct an orchestra as part of the Robotics Festival of Pisa

A Tanscorp UU smart robot is displayed at CES 2017 at the Sands Expo and Convention

We have clearly entered “The Digital revolution” and the way we work needs to change dramatically.

Photo by Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty Images

A technician makes adjustments to the "Inmoov" robot from Russia during the "Robot


Deloitte review into jobs in London at risk of automation - Business Insider

Like a lot of children, my sons, Toby, 7, and Anton, 4, are obsessed with robots. In the children's books they devour at bedtime, happy, helpful robots pop ...

A mock “killer robot” pictured in central London during the launching of a campaign


Today's AI May Replace Tomorrow's Life Insurance Agent

An educational robot on display at an exhibition in Madrid this month.

You Will Lose Your Job to a Robot—and Sooner Than You Think – Mother Jones

Replaced by robots: 8 jobs that could be hit hard by the A.I. revolution | Digital Trends

How will the new wave of robots alter risks in the world and what will that mean for the insurance industry? (Photo: Shutterstock)

Great news! Robots are coming to take your job! – The Perfect Agency Project

Everything you Need to Know about Robotic Process Automation

INSURANCE IN THE AGE OF INTELLIGENT AUTOMATION The current age has brought new economic and technological ...

Among ...

A robot with a white body and black arms

Robots to use Alexa to learn GETTY. A robot ...

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A file image of a demining robot in France. File photograph: Jacques Demarthon/

SourceSecurity: Robot revolution – Uncovering the real value of security robots


Robotics student Gildo Andreoni interacts with a Dexmart robotic hand built at the University of Bologna

News media are reporting that the EU is considering turning robots into electronic persons with rights and apparently industry spokespeople are concerned ...

Sarah Zheng

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EU to vote on new rules for manufacturing & design of robots

The capabilities of the Atlas robot are demonstrated during a demo at Massachusetts Institute of Technology's

Robotic assistants are on the rise, here's how AI is getting more human.

Under a proposed EU law, humanoid robot Paolo Pepper, created by Italy's Luca Vescovi, could eventually be considered an “electronic person.” Image: AP


artificial intelligence robot

Why your next UPS driver might be an ugly robot on wheels

The documentary claims robots could threaten humans

Open mind and shoulder of robot

Robot chefs help alleviate labor shortage in Japan

Are robots coming to take your job? These leaders don't think so


The Washington Post's robot reporter has published 850 articles in the past year

Robots will bring tremendous new services to our lives, but we can't count on them to be perfect. (Bernd Thissen/EPA)

NAO Next Gen robot from Aldebaran Robotics

Social Awareness ElliQ

Futura Automation Announces New Line – Applied Robotics

Tech United Eindhoven robot at RoboCup 2018

Rise of the Robots: Jobs Machines Can Do Better Than You - Creator by WeWork

Is Robotics Rule the Future


A quick, hassle-free way to stay on top of robotics news , our robotics digest is released on the first Monday of every month. Sign up to get it in your ...

Robot thinking

Human-like robot Sophia 'takes her first steps'

Robots learn to work together by chatting in new language they created

What News-Writing Bots Mean for the Future of Journalism

Nao the humanoid robot at Nano Tech 2015 in Tokyo.

From DARPA, A Virtual Tool To Revolutionize Robotics. The DARPA-funded Gazebo simulation software could make robotics accessible to everyone.

Technological change is accelerating today at an unprecedented speed and could create a world we can

Growing Movement of Scientists Pushes for Ban on Killer Robots | HowStuffWorks

The Good, The Bad and The Robot: Experts Are Trying to Make Machines Be "Moral" | California Magazine

Artist's rendering of MiRobot (Photo credit: Courtesy)

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A welder and a car-building robot

Image via Salon.

Robots break new ground in the construction industry

Toy robots next to letters spelling NEWS

Cognitive Robotic Process Automation – Current Applications and Future Possibilities

Robot exercise Science Robotics

This fall, Lowe's will introduce LoweBot, a NAVii(TM) autonomous retail service

Darpa's Next Grand Challenge: Build Us Lifelike, Humanoid Robots

Pepper robot in Japan

Pepper, the robot

Cockpit and robot